Thursday, January 20, 2011

Zebra 110PAX4, 170PAX4, 110PAX3 and 170PAX3 Printer Engine Repair

Zebra PAX Printer and PAX Engine Service and Repair

Call Thunderbird Technical Services for all of your Zebra 110PAX4, Zebra 170PAX4, Zebra 110PAX3 and Zebra 170PAX3 Print Engine service and repair needs. We are factory trained in all Zebra PAX models (including the earliest 170PAX2, PAX 172 and 173 models) and are experts at troubleshooting, providing printer support, and identifying Zebra PAX problems far beyond the symptoms and error conditions reviewed in any technical service manual or Zebra PAX manual.

Zebra PAX Printer and PAX Engine Refurbishment and Maintenance Special - $850.00

For quick repair turnaround, take advantage of our refurbishment program.
Program features :
  • Replacement of all belts, rollers and bearings.
  • Gears replaced, if necessary.
  • Ribbon out plate replaced, if necessary.
  • Missing case screws replaced.
  • PAX will be cleaned and inspected.
  • All communication ports (including applicator port) will be tested thoroughly.
  • The printer will be adjusted and calibrated according to your label and ribbon specifications.
  • Printer will be completed within 2 days upon arrival.
  • A report will be generated giving all testing and inspection results.

Program Restrictions

This program is offered only for working PAX printers and Zebra PAX engines. Customers must certify printers are in working condition. Zebra PAX172 and PAX173 models will be serviced only if the pressure roller segment assembly and knurled peel roller assembly are in good condition. Call if you have questions regarding these zebra pax parts and assemblies. If you're experiencing an error condition, or if the Zebra Printer Engine is broken, report that error condition prior to sending in the printer. This program is intended for depot repair service only. If you are within the on-site service area (see below), call to schedule a service visit, or to have the PAX engine picked up.

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Zebra Printer Service Programs

Since 2000, Thunderbird Technical Services has provided on-site and depot Zebra printer repair services, Zebra printer service contracts and Zebra printer maintenance programs in these, and in the surrounding areas of Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky, Dayton - Springfield, Vevay, Indiana, Madison, IN, Columbus, OH, Southeastern Ohio, Maysville, and Eastern Kentucky, Lexington, and Louisville.

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