Thursday, December 16, 2010

'Ribbon Out' Error on xi Series Zebra Printers

There are a few causes of this error:
  • Dirty or defective sensor
  • Opague ribbon in use
  • LED intensity too great
Check the ribbon sensor located on the left side just behind the printhead (printhead open).  Assure the eyes are clean.  Install the upper media guide plate.  It is the removable plate that is placed on the media deck with the rise stamped on the left side.  Many user remove this plate since labels jam underneath it.  Perform the voltage calibration.  This should calibrate the printer for the ribbon and media used.  If this fails, try it again.  If this procedure fails repeatedly, then check the feature 'Ribbon LED'.  Assure it is in the range of 45 - 65.  if not, set it there.  If this does not correct the error and the Ribbon LED keeps resetting itself at a high value, then the ribbon sensor is most likely faulty.

There is one other cause of this error.  In some cases,  the media sensor wires may become worn creating a voltage short to the frame.  Fuse 1 on the main logic board will blow.  This issue is quite common in later models of xi-Series and SL printers.  The printer will continue to display 'Ribbon Out' and 'Paper Out' until the fuse is replaced.

Thunderbird Technical Services experience and record of troubleshooting and printer repair is a model for the industry.  Thunderbird technicians are factory trained on Zebra High Performance, PAX, and Midrange printers.  95% of all calls are completed on the first visit.  80% of all calls involving a faulty main logic board or power supply can be repaired on-site at the board level.    It is for this reason Thunderbird Technical Services has a high customer retention rate.  Call us for efficient, effective, and affordable service on the Zebra High Performance (xi), PAX Print Engine, and Industrial (midrange) printers listed below.
  • Zebra Performance Printers (Z-110xi4, Z-140xi4, Z110xi3Plus, Z-140xi3Plus, Z170xi4, Z-170xi3Plus, Z-220xi4, Z-220xi3Plus, Z-90xi3Plus)
  • Zebra Industrial Printers (S4M, ZM400, ZM600, Z4M, Z6M, Z-105sl, Z-4000, Z-6000, TLP2746e, Stripe)
  • Zebra Print Engines (170PAX4, 110PAX4, 170PAX3, 110PAX3, 170PAX2, PAX172, PAX173)

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